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Muhammad Noor - Halalorharamguide

My name is Muhammad Noor, and I am the founder of halalorharamguide.com. However, we work in a team to bring you the most authentic and updated information possible.

The idea for this website came to me when I was finding it hard to keep up with the constantly changing halal and haram status of food items. With so many products being reformulated and new products being introduced, it was becoming a full-time job to keep up with what was halal and what was haram!

So, I decided to put together a team of like-minded individuals who could help me with this daunting task. And that’s how Halal or Haram Guide came to be.

We are a website dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information on the halal and haram status of everything related to Food, Celebration, Finance, Lifestyle, Social, and much more.

Halal and Haram are important terms in the Islamic faith that define food, drinks, actions, and other behavior that is permissible or forbidden. Halal is an Arabic term meaning lawful or permitted, and Haram means forbidden or prohibited.

Being a Muslim, I know how important it is for Muslims to have access to reliable information on what they can and cannot consume or do. So we make it our mission to provide only the most accurate and trustworthy information to avoid anything that’s haram in Islam.

Also, note that we are not affiliated with any organization or company. We are an independent website run by a team of volunteers passionate about sharing authentic and reliable information on halal and haram things and being responsible Muslims. We give our suggestion after in-depth research and analysis based on Quran, Hadith, and several Scholar’s opinions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Muhammad Noor

Founder, Halal or Haram Guide!