Is It Haram To Be A Bartender? (Clear Now)

In Islam, it’s very clear that consuming haram drinks like (Alch..) is haram (forbidden). However, when it comes to working as a bartender, many Muslims get confused and are not sure if it is permissible or not.

Alco.. is prohibited in Islam, so it’s natural to think that bartending would be considered haram. Even if you don’t consume or drink that haram drink yourself, some potential implications still come with bartending.

In this blog post, we will discuss the Islamic perspective on is it haram to be a bartender and sell or serve drinks with a haram drink. So, if you’re confused about whether bartending is haram or halal, keep reading, and you will find genuine answers here with Quranic facts.

Is It Haram To Be A Bartender

Is It Haram To Be A Bartender

According to Islam, it is haram to be a bartender because serving drinks with haram drinks goes against Islamic teachings. Also, the earnings you make comes from those haram drinks selling, which is completely haram. The Quran clearly mentions that consuming alco.. is prohibited and should be avoided.

In Quran, it is stated, “O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants and gambling and divination and arrows are defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.” (Al-Maidah: 90)

According to this verse, Muslims should avoid anything that is made of haram drinks or involves intoxicants in any way for their own betterment. So, it is clear that bartending is haram as it involves working with and serving drinks made of haram, which is forbidden in Islam.

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Why Is Bartending Haram In Islam?

Apart from the obvious fact that bartending involves haram drinks, there can also be other reasons why bartending is haram.

Firstly, earning money through haram activities is not permissible. Thus, if one earns money from a job that involves serving and selling intoxicants and drinks with haram ingredients, then it is also haram.

So, even working hard cannot make a haram job or income halal. So it’s better to avoid working in such an environment and put in your hard work to do something that is halal and right in the eyes of Allah.

Secondly, bartenders are usually in close contact with people who consume haram drinks which are forbidden in the eyes of Islam. As a bartender, you will be exposed to people who are intoxicated and engaging in activities considered sinful in Islam.

Even though you are not drinking yourself, this close proximity to people who are engaging in such activities can be seen as sinful in the eyes of Allah. Therefore it is haram to be a bartender.

Also, working as a bartender involves going against Islamic teachings as it involves actively encouraging people to consume or drink haram drinks. Also, many bars and pubs are places where sinful activities can take place, such as gambling, prostitution, and other immoral activities.

By working in such places, bartenders also indirectly participate in these sinful activities, which is why bartending is haram in Islam.

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Is It Haram To Serve Haram Drinks?

Yes, it is haram to serve haram drinks according to the Islamic perspective. Quran clearly states that selling and consuming haram drinks is prohibited and should be avoided. So, serving and encouraging people to consume haram drinks is obviously against Islamic teachings, and therefore it is haram.

However, if you work at a hotel where haram drinks are served, but it’s not your job to serve them yourself, then it is not haram to work at such places. This is because your job is different may be as a receptionist, or a cook, etc. But still, it is better to avoid such workplaces that involve haram activities if you’ve any other option.

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To conclude, according to Islam, it is haram to be a bartender as it involves working with and serving drinks made of haram. Also, it involves being close to people engaging in sinful activities and encouraging them to consume haram drinks. So, avoiding such activities and looking for halal earning opportunities is better. May Allah guide us all toward the right path.

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