Is Walls Ice Cream Halal In The UK?

Are you looking for Walls ice cream halal status? You are not the only one. Many people wonder if Walls ice cream is halal or not. So what makes this question so difficult to answer?

The problem is that the brand has no halal certificate or clear statement about its status on its website or social media handles.

This is where the confusion lies.

Walls ice cream is undoubtedly a very popular ice cream brand in the UK, but Muslim consumers are left in the dark when it comes to its halal status. So what should they do?

In this blog, we will answer is walls ice cream halal or haram and provide some tips for Muslim consumers to ensure their food choices are within their religious purview.

Is Walls Ice Cream Halal

Is Walls Ice Cream Halal

Well, the answer is not simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, Walls ice cream has both halal and haram ice cream products.

This is because the walls ice cream has different flavors. While some of them are considered halal, other flavors have certain ingredients that make it haram according to Islamic law.

For instance, to identify halal ice cream flavors, look for the words “suitable for vegetarians” or “vegan logo” on the package.

If the walls ice cream flavor you choose is vegan or vegetarian, then it is halal. Also note that this principle applies to ice cream only, not to other products.

In other products, you might see it vegan, but at the same time, it might contain alcohol and other ingredients that make the product haram.

Whereas in ice cream, no such products are used.

The ice cream can be halal or haram depending on its ingredient source, mainly emulsifier, and other additives.

This is because this thing can be sourced from both plant and animal sources, and animal sources can be non halal animals.

Therefore, if Walls Ice cream contains emulsifiers or other additives from non halal sources, it would be haram and non-vegan.

But at the same time, if the particular ice cream flavors are vegan certified, it will be halal because this shows that the emulsifiers and other additives used in ice cream are all from plant sources.

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Ingredients Of Walls Ice Cream

It is important to check the ingredients used to identify halal ice cream from Walls.

The most common ingredients used in walls ice creams are listed below:

  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Sugar
  • Whey solids (MILK)
  • Glucose syrup
  • Coconut fat
  • Fructose
  • Concentrated skimmed MILK
  • Emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids)
  • Stabilizers (guar gum, locust bean gum)
  • Colors (annatto norbixin, curcumin)
  • Flavorings

As you can see, most of the ingredients used in Walls ice cream are from plant sources, which makes it halal. Also, check if the product is vegan certified, as this means that no animal-based emulsifiers or other additives have been used.

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How To Identify Halal Ice Cream?

While identifying any ice cream’s halal or haram status, the main thing to consider is to check out for “suitable for vegetarians” or “vegan logo” on the package.

This is because the ingredients listed might be sourced from animals or plants, no one can tell which one the company used in their product.

Therefore, if the walls ice cream flavor you choose is vegan or vegetarian, it will be halal as this logo shows that no animal-based emulsifier or other additives have been used in their products.

On top of that, check out the list of ingredients to identify any processed milk derivatives, such as whey solids or skimmed milk powder, as this can also make the product haram.

Halal Walls Ice Cream List

If you ask for all the halal ice creams listed in Walls, we’re sorry to say there is no such list.

This is because the ingredient and their source keep changing occasionally, and we can’t keep track of all the changes in the ingredient’s source.

Therefore, checking out the ingredient list and looking for a vegan logo or suitable vegetarian on the package before buying any Walls Ice cream is always recommended.

This way, you can get the latest information about the halal or haram status of any Walls Ice Cream.

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Q. Is walls soft scoop ice cream halal?

A. It depends on the flavour of the walls soft scoop ice cream. If it is vegan or vegetarian certified, then it will be halal; otherwise, haram.

Q. Is walls ice cream halal in UK?

A. Yes, most of the walls ice cream flavors are halal in the UK, as it depends on the flavor and ingredients used. You must check for the vegan or vegetarian certified logo on its packaging before consuming any product.

Q. Is walls vanilla ice cream halal?

A. Yes, walls vanilla ice cream is halal as it is vegan certified and contains no animal-based emulsifier or other additives.

Q. Is Walls ice cream vegetarian?

A. Yes, some walls ice cream flavors are vegetarian and vegan certified. You need to check for the “suitable for vegetarians” or “vegan logo” on the package before you purchase any product.


The bottom line is that while some Walls ice cream is halal and some are haram, you must check the ingredients list and vegan logo before consuming.

It is also important to note that the halal status of Walls ice cream depends on its flavors. Therefore, make sure you do your research carefully and select the right walls ice cream flavor for yourself or your family.

We hope this blog post on is walls ice cream halal helped determine the halal status of Walls ice cream.

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