Is Whataburger Halal? (All Clear)

Whataburger is an iconic American fast food chain with restaurants over 900 locations. It’s well-known for its double meat Whataburger, sweet & spicy bacon burger, and Onion rings.

But for Muslim customers, the main concern is whether Whataburger’s food is Halal or not. As they have beef burgers and non-veg items on their menu, the question of Halal status needs to be cleared.

In this article, we will answer is Whataburger Halal or not, and if not, then what options do Muslim customers have. We’ll also share proof of our answer so that you can be sure about your decision.

Is Whataburger Halal

Is Whataburger Halal

The straightforward answer to this question is No, Whataburger is not Halal. This is because the company sources its beef (meat) from a different supplier across the country (USA), and it’s not certified as Halal.

Even Whataburger has not disclosed any information regarding this, and no authentication or certification on its website confirms the meat is Halal.

They just said that we supply our beef from different sources, which are 100% safe and not frozen. But they have not said anything about it being Halal.

Also, the chances of having haram meat is more because in the USA, most of the beef suppliers are non Halal, and they also don’t mention whether their meat is halal.

And if any fast food brand supplies halal meat, it must be mentioned on its website to assure its customer. Also, this helps them in gaining more Muslim customers.

But in the case of Whataburger, they have not mentioned anything about halal meat, and that’s why it is better to avoid eating from them.

Islam teaches us to avoid anything that is not sure about its role, so it’s better to avoid eating from Whataburger. It’s like better safe than sorry.

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Halal Food Options At Whataburger

Though all the food at Whataburger is not halal, a few veg menu items are suitable for Muslims.

However, note that if you’ve other halal restaurants or outlets near your area, then it’s better to dine there. This way, you can make sure that the food is 100% halal.

But if you’ve already chosen the Whataburger, then here are some of the Halal food items that you can get there:

  • French Fries
  • Apple Slices
  • Texas Toast
  • Garden Salad (without cheese)
  • Hash Browns
  • Biscuit and Gravy
  • Egg and cheese sandwich on a bun

So these are some Halal food options you can get at Whataburger.

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Q. Is whataburger halal in USA?

A. No, Whataburger is not Halal in the USA, as the company sources its beef (meat) from a different supplier across the country.

Q. Is Whataburger halal in any other countries?

A. You can get halal menu items in Turkey because it’s much easier to get halal beef there for a restaurant like Whataburger.

Q. What kind of meat does Whataburger use?

A. Whataburger uses 100% pure and fresh beef from different suppliers across the country. However, this beef is not certified as Halal.


So, in conclusion, Whataburger is not Halal. However, you can still get some Halal options at the restaurant, like french fries, apple slices, texas toast, and others.

But note that if you’ve other halal restaurants or outlets near the area, it’s better to eat there, as it’s not 100% sure that the food at Whataburger is Halal.

So if you’re a Muslim, then it’s better to avoid eating from Whataburger. This way, you can be sure you’re not consuming haram food.

We hope our article helped you understand the Halal status of Whataburger and answered your query is Whataburger halal or not.

May Allah (SWT) keep us safe from the things that are prohibited in Islam. Ameen!

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