Is Church’s Chicken Halal In Canada? (All Clear)

Church’s Chicken is a popular fast-food chain that specializes in fried chicken and many other items. It has become increasingly popular over the years, but many Muslims are wondering about its halal status.

There is no clear statement on Church’s Chicken slaughtering and preparation process, which makes it difficult to determine if it is halal or haram.

Well, in this article, we will answer is Church’s Chicken halal or not by taking a closer look at their slaughtering method, ingredients and preparation processes.

In the end, you’ll have a clear answer whether to eat Church’s Chicken or not.

Is Church's Chicken Halal

Is Church’s Chicken Halal

Church’s Chicken is not halal. No matter whether you’re searching for is church’s Texas chicken halal in Canada, in the UK, or in the USA – the answer is still no.

The Church’s Chicken doesn’t follow halal slaughtering methods. They don’t use any Islamic rules at all when it comes to the process of killing animals for food.

In addition to the slaughtering process, Church’s Chicken also uses haram ingredients.

If you ask for proof of Church’s Chicken not being halal, below is a screenshot of Church’s Chicken statement from their official website about halal status.

Church's Chicken statement

The official website of Church’s Chicken stated that neither our restaurants nor ingredients are halal.

So, this is proof enough that Church’s Chicken is not halal, and Muslims should avoid eating it.

The company itself has confirmed that they don’t follow the Islamic rules of slaughtering and preparation, which means it’s not halal to eat.

No matter what people say, we have to follow the halal guidelines and abstain from such food items.

Islam teaches that even if you doubt being haram, you should stay away from it.

And here, the Churchs Chicken itself has openly stated that their foods are not halal.

This also clearly says that they are not interested in following halal standards or producing halal food.

Lastly, note that in Ontario, it is found that some of the church’s chicken restaurants offer halal certified menu items. But this might be a false statement as there is no clear proof.

So, if you’re living in Ontario or anywhere else, it is better to avoid eating Church’s Chicken or ask the restaurant for proof that they are really serving halal food.

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Why Muslims Should Avoid Eating Church’s Chicken?

Muslims should avoid eating Church’s Chicken as it is not halal and goes against Islamic law. It is not permissible for Muslims to eat food that has been prepared in a non-halal way.

In addition to this, Church’s Chicken also uses haram ingredients, which means that even if their slaughtering process is halal, the food would still not be permissible for Muslims to eat.

It is important to remember that Islam requires us to follow certain guidelines when it comes to food and eating habits, and Church’s Chicken does not abide by these.

Even the founder of Church’s Chicken, George W. Church Sr., did not follow Islamic teaching and has stated on many occasions that his food is not halal.

Hence, when the food chain didn’t even care about gaining more Muslim customers by providing halal food options, it was not safe to eat there for Muslims.

So, Muslims should avoid eating Church’s Chicken and look for other halal food options that follow Islamic slaughter rules.

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How To Find Halal Alternate Food Chains?

There are many fast-food chains that provide halal food options. Whether in Canada, the USA, or the UK, you’ll find many restaurants offering halal certified food.

However, you should know how to identify if a restaurant is really serving halal food or not.

To identify, there are a few things to look for:

  • The method of slaughtering should be Zabihah, which involves the recitation of Bismillah
  • The animals must be alive and healthy before they are slaughtered
  • The knife used to slaughter must be sharp and smooth
  • Blood must be completely drained from the animal
  • Only halal ingredients should be used in the preparation of food
  • Lastly, along with all this, the restaurant should have a valid halal certification as proof.

You need to follow these general guidelines while looking for halal food options.

If you’re confused about Zaxby’s halal status, read here is zaxby’s halal.


Q. Is Churchs Chicken halal?

A. No, Church’s Chicken is not halal, and Muslims should avoid eating there.

Q. Is church’s Texas chicken halal in Canada?

A. No, Church’s Chicken is not halal, and Muslims should avoid eating there in Canada or any other country.

Q. Is church’s chicken halal in Ontario?

A. Some of the Church’s Chicken restaurants in Ontario offer halal certified menu items, but there is no clear proof that it is actually halal. So, it is better to stay away from Church’s Chicken just to be safe.

Q. is church’s chicken halal Brampton?

A. No, Church’s Chicken is not halal in Brampton or any other part of Canada or the world. Muslims should avoid it, as the company has openly stated that their foods are not halal.


In conclusion, it can be said that Church’s Chicken is not halal, and Muslims should avoid eating there. The company does not follow the Islamic guidelines of slaughtering, preparation, and ingredients, which means that it is haram for Muslims to eat there.

Therefore, if you’re looking for halal food options, it is better to look elsewhere and find a restaurant that follows Islamic rules.

I hope your search is Churh’s Chicken halal question is now resolved. Be sure to keep the guidelines mentioned above in mind while looking for a halal fast-food chain.

May Allah bless us with good health and follow His teachings. Ameen.

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