Is Jersey Mike’s Halal? (Yes/No)

Jersey Mike’s is a popular American sub sandwich chain with more than 2,000 locations across the country. The company has become well known for its fresh-sliced meats, top-quality ingredients, and signature flavors.

But one question that Muslim customers have is whether or not Jersey Mike’s food is halal or not. For Muslims, it is important to know if their food is in accordance with Islamic dietary laws or not.

If you’re searching is Jersey Mike’s halal, this article will provide you with all the answers you need.

Is Jersey Mike's Halal

Is Jersey Mike’s Halal

The short answer is that Jersey Mike’s is not completely halal or certified as halal. This means that some of their ingredients may not meet the requirements set out by Islamic law.

Jersey Mike’s main menu in North America is haram, meaning it is unsuitable for Muslims.

However, in Michigan, Jersey Mike’s does offer a limited selection of halal items, which you can request when ordering. This is because they also use Certified Angus Beef, which is halal-certified.

If you ask our opinion, we recommend you avoid Jersey Mike’s. This is because most beef and chicken used are not certified halal and are sourced from non-halal suppliers.

Furthermore, some vegetarian food items might be halal, but since Jersey Mike’s does not have halal certification, it is best to avoid them.

Their Vegetarian food items include Veggie Sandwiches, Breads, French Fries, and Beverages.

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Why Is Jersey Mike’s Not Halal?

Jersey Mike’s itself has clearly said that they use NAE pork products in their menu items. This means that they are not certified halal and can’t be considered halal.

Although NAE pork products are considered Kosher, they are still not halal. This is because the pork itself is not halal. Hence it cannot be considered as halal.

Moreover, Jersey Mike’s has no clear food preparation guidelines. This means there is no assurance that your food is halal.

The restaurant also has no clear statement or policy regarding halal food. Therefore, it is best to avoid eating from Jersey Mike’s if you are concerned about the halalness of your food.

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So, is Jersey Mike’s halal? Unfortunately, the answer is no. While they offer some halal items in Michigan, most of their menu is not certified, and there is no assurance that it meets Islamic dietary requirements.

Therefore, we recommend you avoid eating at Jersey Mike’s if you want to ensure that your food is halal. Many other restaurants out there can provide you with certified halal food options.

We hope this article has been helpful in answering your query. May Allah guide us all to the truth. Amin.

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