Is It Haram To Watch Movies In Islam? (All Clear)

Nowadays, watching movies has become a pastime for many people worldwide. People find it entertaining, a good way to pass the time, and an opportunity to learn from the stories and characters in films.

However, with different types of movies and various genres for viewers to choose from, one must consider whether or not it is an appropriate activity for Muslims.

Here, the query arises is it haram to watch movies in Islam? If you’re also confused on this topic, look no further because we have all the information you need to know about it.

Is It Haram To Watch Movies

Is It Haram To Watch Movies?

While watching the movie itself is not haram, the type of content you consume determines whether it’s considered halal or haram.

If a movie promotes something that goes against Islamic values, it should not be watched as it is considered haram. This includes movies with awrah (private parts of a person’s body that should not be shown in public), inappropriate scenes, and excessive violence.

On the other hand, movies that contain inspiring and moral stories with no awrah and violence can be watched as it is considered Halal.

For example, the Islamic movie “The Messenger” is considered halal as it conveys the message of peace, forgiveness and justice. Also, it doesn’t show the face of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or any awrah.

Besides, all note that the message you get from the movie is right and should be in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Sometimes, certain movies could have subtle messages that can lead one astray. To identify these, you can first read the reviews online, read about the film maker and watch the trailer to ensure it’s appropriate.

Movies, TV shows, music videos, animation, and other media forms must also be checked for halal content.

Islam always advocates for knowledge and education. However, one should be careful while choosing what one consumes. Make sure it’s not impacting your beliefs in any negative way and is helping you to live a more meaningful life.

So in short, you can watch movies that align with Islamic values and don’t contain inappropriate content. However, if you’re still unsure, it’s best to consult a local scholar for advice or not watch it.

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When Should You Avoid Watching Movies?

In today’s time, most of the movies made are haram due to its content and message. Hence, there are several movies when you should avoid watching movies:

  • Movies with inappropriate content such as nudity, violence and adult jokes.
  • Movies with non-Islamic values like dancing, drinking haram, etc.
  • Movies with foul language and bad morals.
  • Movies that mock or insult any of the Prophets (peace be upon them).
  • Movies containing entertainment that may lead to shirk.
  • Movies include girls without covering their hair and dressing or boys with too short clothing.

Also, one should avoid religiously themed movies or series if not recommended by Islamic scholars, as it could lead to false beliefs and misinterpretation of Islam.

So, it is important to understand what you are watching and how it affects your beliefs.

Alternate activities

In order to stay away from something considered haram, one should replace it with a halal activity that can help them learn or be productive.

Some halal activities for Muslims include:

  • Watching Islamic movies, documentaries and lectures that can inspire you spiritually. Just make sure the content is halal.
  • Reading books and articles that can help you learn and grow in your faith.
  • Read the story of the Prophets and learn about their life.
  • Exercise and do dhikr to help you stay close to Allah.
  • Participating in Islamic activities and gatherings.
  • Doing voluntary work, helping the needy and giving charity.
  • Travelling to learn more about Islam and our Muslim brothers and sisters.
  • Spending quality time with family and friends while engaging in meaningful conversations.

These activities can help us away from things that are haram and also help us be closer to Allah.

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Q. Is watching movies haram in Islam?

Answer: It depends on the content of the movie. Movies that contain inappropriate scenes, awrah and excessive violence are considered haram in Islam. However, movies that contain Islamic values without showing faces or awards and can help one grow spiritually are considered halal.

Q. Is it haram to watch Christmas movies?

Answer: Yes, it is haram to watch movies related to Christmas or any other religious celebrations that are not consistent with Islamic values. If you want to know more about Christmas, you can read the books.

Q. Is it haram to watch horror movies?

Answer: Yes, horror movies can be considered haram in Islam as they contain violence, fear and terror elements. It is not recommended to watch horror movies as they can cause you psychological distress; if not beneficial, they should be avoided.

Q. Is it haram to watch movies about prophets?

Answer: No, if you watch movies the like “The Messenger” which dosn’t contain any inappropriate scenes, it is considered halal to watch movies about Prophets. But one should be careful, as movies about prophets can also contain false information and beliefs that contradict Islam.

Q. Is it haram to watch movies in theaters?

Answer: It is haram to watch movies in theatres as they contain inappropriate scenes and non-mahrams surround you.

Q. Is it haram to watch movies with magic?

Answer: Yes, it is haram to watch movies with magic, as it is associated with Shirk. And also, it could give you wrong ideas about magic and superstition, which have no place in Islam.

Q. Is it haram to watch pirated movies?

Answer: It is haram to watch pirated movies as it violates copyright laws and involves stealing. So one should avoid watching pirated movies.

Q. Is watching marvel movies haram?

Answer: Almost all Marvel movies include haram content such as awrah, violence, inappropriate scenes, and magic. So it is better to avoid watching Marvel movies.

Q. Is it haram to watch movies about Prophet Muhammad?

Answer: No, it is not haram to watch movies about Prophet Muhammad if they are accurate and consistent with Islamic values such as the “The Messenger”. But one should be careful of movies that include false information, girls, showing prophet’s face, and beliefs that contradict Islam.


In conclusion, movies can greatly impact one’s faith and beliefs. So it is important to make sure that the content you are watching is halal and beneficial to you.

One should also remember that other activities can help us avoid haram things and bring us closer to Allah.

I hope your query is it haram to watch movies is answered. May Allah guide us all to the right path, Ameen!

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