Is Little Caesars Halal? (Yes/No)

Little Caesars is a popular pizza chain that offers a variety of pizzas, wings, and appetizers. At present (2023), it is the third largest pizza chain in the United States after Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

Little Caesars has been providing delicious food to its customers since 1959. It is a favorite place for pizza lovers as it offers a variety of toppings and crusts to choose from.

However, one of the most important questions arises for Muslims: Is Little Caesars halal? This is because they have not mentioned anything about halal certification.

In this article, we’ll be discussing is Little Caesars Pizza halal or not worldwide, including countries like the USA, Singapore, Canada, Turkey, Uk and more. So let’s clear the doubt with proof.

Is Little Caesars Halal

Is Little Caesars Halal

Little Caesars is not halal in most countries, including the USA, Singapore, Canada, and the UK, as they use pork in their Pizza.

However, in Muslim countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Little Caesars is halal as they use only halal meats in their products.

Little Caesars also uses a variety of ingredients in their products, such as cheese, vegetables, and spices. According to Islamic dietary laws, all these ingredients are halal and permissible to consume.

But in most countries, Little Caesars uses pork-based meats, which are haram according to Islamic laws.

And this makes even their veg pizzas not halal because the same oven, knife, and other utensils are used to prepare them.

So if you are a Muslim, then it’s better to avoid Little Caesars as it’s not a certified halal chain and uses pork.

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Proof That Little Caesars Is Not Halal

At present, Little Caesars doesn’t have any certification that says it’s halal. However, until 2017, they serve their pizza with the trademark of halal certification, but it’s no more now.

This is because in 2017 Muslim man in Dearborn filed a lawsuit of $100 million against Little Caesars for selling pork-based pizzas under the disguise of halal pizzas. Read the proof here.

After that incident, Little Caesars removed all its halal certifications from its store and website. Also, in the present 2023, Little Caesars doesn’t promote itself as a halal chain anywhere. And they clearly say that they use pork in their products.

So it’s clear now that Little Caesars is not halal, and Muslims should avoid it, especially in North America.

And if you’re living in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, where they use only halal meat, then it’s okay to have Little Caesars pizza.

But till 2017, they have fooled Muslims and broken the trust of many. Hence, today Muslims from North America and other countries should avoid Little Caesars pizza.

If you think they offer halal veggie pizza, snacks, beverages, and desserts, then you’re wrong.

Because Little Caesars use the same oven to make all their products, it makes them haram.

Also, it’s best to avoid them at all, as they don’t care about Muslims.

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Q. Is Little Caesars pizza halal?

A. No, Little Caesars is not halal except the Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Because of the pork-based meats used in their pizza, it’s haram to have Little Caesars in any North American country.

Q. Is Little Caesars veg pizza halal?

A. No, Little Caesars veg pizza is not halal as they use the same oven and other utensils to make their pork pizzas.

Q. Is little caesars halal in USA?

A. No, Little Caesars is not halal in the USA, as they use pork-based meats in their products.

Q. Is little caesars halal in Singapore?

A. No, Little Caesars is not halal in Singapore, as they use pork as an ingredient in their pizzas.

Q. Is little caesars halal in Canada?

A. No, Little Caesars is not halal in Canada, as they use pork-based meats in their products.

Q. Is Little Caesars chicken halal?

A. No, Little Caesars chicken is not halal, as they use pork-based meats in their products.


Little Caesars is not halal worldwide except in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They have used pork-based meats in their products, which is haram in Islamic dietary laws.

Also, Little Caesars deceive Muslims by promoting halal pizzas though they are not certified. So it’s better to avoid Little Caesars pizzas if you’re a Muslim and living in North America or other countries.

I hope this article has helped you to understand whether is Little Caesars halal or not. May Allah guide us toward the right path. Ameen.

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