Is Bingo Haram In Islam? (Yes/No)

Bingo is a popular game of chance, typically played in large halls and sometimes online. It’s been around for centuries, but it’s still not clear if Bingo is considered haram or forbidden by Islamic law.

Bingo is undoubtedly an enjoyable game of chance, and it can bring much joy to the players. But for Muslims, especially those who follow a stricter interpretation of Islamic law, it’s important to consider whether the Bingo is haram or halal.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the Islamic perspective on playing Bingo and answer the query is Bingo haram or halal in Islam.

Is Bingo Haram

Is Bingo Haram?

According to Islamic teachings, Bingo is haram because it involves gambling. In Islam, any form of gambling is strictly forbidden and considered haram.

This includes games of chance such as Bingo, lottery, gaming house games, and more.

There is no direct verse from Quran or hadith that specifically prohibits playing Bingo, but considering its gambling and lottery nature, it is haram according to Islamic teachings.

Hadith: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Do not play with dice or any other game of chance, as There is no benefit in it for anyone.” (Bukhari).

Considering the above hadith, it is clear that playing any form of card games, luck games, or gambling games would make it haram in Islam.

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Tips To Avoid Playing Bingo

If you’re addicted to playing Bingo, here are some tips to help you avoid this haram activity:

Find Alternative Activities: Find some other activities that you can do as an alternative to Bingo, such as reading, sports, and outdoor activities like skating, hiking, and biking. You can also play halal games like bike racing or car racing that don’t involve any form of gambling.

Stay Away From Places: Stay away from places where Bingo is played, like Gaming Hall and Online Bingo-related Sites.

Remove Related Things: Remove all related items from your surroundings that may remind you of Bingo and could desire you to play.

Seek Help: If you cannot avoid Bingo, seek help from your family, friends, or an Islamic scholar.

Read Quran: Read the Quran more often to gain spiritual strength and avoid activities like Bingo which are haram in Islam.

Get Closer To Allah: Spend more time in worship and get closer to Allah. Pray five times a day and make sure you follow the Islamic teachings.

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Q. Is blackout bingo haram?

A. Yes, blackout bingo is haram, as it involves gambling and playing with luck.

Q. Is bingo without money haram?

A. Yes, playing Bingo without money is also considered haram because it is a luck-based game that is forbidden in Islam.

Q. Is Bingo with money haram?

A. Yes, playing Bingo with or without money is haram as it involves gambling which is prohibited in Islam.

Q. Is Bingo like gambling?

A. Yes, Bingo is like gambling as it involves playing with luck and chance. It is forbidden in Islam as it involves betting on random outcomes.

Q. Is fun is haram in Islam?

A. No, having fun is not haram in Islam. However, to have fun, you must choose activities permissible in Islam and avoid those forbidden, such as gambling.


It’s clear from the above discussion that Bingo is a form of haram activity in Islam. You might find it entertaining and enjoyable, but you must avoid playing Bingo as it involves gambling which is strictly prohibited in Islam.

Instead, indulge in permissible and fun activities, such as sports, outdoor activities, reading, puzzles, and halal games.

I hope your query is Bingo haram in Islam, is now answered. Keep your faith strong and follow Islamic teachings to stay away from activities that are forbidden in Islam.

May Allah give us all the strength to stay away from activities that are haram. Ameen.

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