Is Minecraft Haram In Islam? (Yes/No)

Do you play Minecraft? Are you confused about whether the game is haram or halal in Islamic law?

Well, you’re not alone. Many Muslims around the globe are confused about the legality of Minecraft in Islamic law. This is because the game has a wide range of features and activities that may be considered haram in Islam.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the debate around whether is Minecraft haram or halal in Islam and guide you through the relevant Islamic rulings.

Is Minecraft Haram?

Is Minecraft Haram?

Yes, considering the Islamic teachings, playing Minecraft is haram. This is because the game contains several activities that disrespect Islamic principles.

Although Minecraft is a pixelated sandbox game where players are meant to create their own world and build structures, it still contains several elements forbidden in Islam.

For example, Minecraft includes eating pork and haram drinks, which are strictly prohibited in the Quran. Whether you eat or drink it in virtual or real life, it’s still considered haram.

Further, in Minecraft, you may see Kaaba as a structure that disrespects Islamic belief and is therefore forbidden in Islamic law. Also, you’ll see animal taming, which is considered haram in Islam.

Moreover, some versions of the game also contain violence which is again against Islamic teachings.

So, apart from creating virtual structures and enjoying the game, players may also get involved in haram activities in Islam. Hence, Minecraft is considered haram in Islamic law.

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Why Minecraft Is Haram In Islam?

As mentioned above, Minecraft contains several strictly prohibited activities in Islam. These activities include:

  • Eating pork and haram drinks
  • Showing disrespect to Islamic beliefs and icons (e.g., Kaaba)
  • Animal taming
  • Violence

These activities have no place in Islam, so playing Minecraft is considered haram.

Besides all of this, playing Minecraft can also distract you from your religious duties. So, while you’re busy building virtual structures and enjoying the game, you might forget to pray or perform other religious obligations.

According to Islamic scholars, something that wastes your time and doesn’t take you near Allah is haram. Playing Minecraft, in this case, also be considered haram.

Considering all this, there is no doubt that Minecraft is haram in Islam.

Note: If you think you can play Minecraft without music, eat pork, and restrict yourself from haram activities in Islam, you should also not play the game. This is because, indirectly, you are still supporting the game activities that do not align with Islamic beliefs.

Tips To Avoid Playing Minecraft

Although playing Minecraft is haram in Islam, but if you’re addicted to the game, then you can follow my below tips to restrict yourself from playing the game.

Find halal game alternatives: Since gaming is a great way to pass the time and have fun, you can find halal game alternatives that don’t contain violence and other haram activities.

Play physical games: Unlike digital games, physical activities are always better. So, instead of spending time on your smartphone or computer, you can opt for sports and other physical activities that involve interacting with real people.

Look for other activities: You can also invest your time in doing something productive, like learning a new language or hobby. You can do plenty of activities to keep yourself busy and away from haram activities.

Spend time with family: You can plan quality time with your family and friends. This is a great way to stay away from activities that are haram in Islam and, at the same time, spend quality time with your loved ones.

Focus on religious obligations: Last but not least, you can focus on your religious obligations, like praying, reciting the Quran, and knowing about the history of Islam. This is the most effective way to stay away from activities that are haram in Islam.

By following these tips, you can avoid haram activities in Islam and lead a more meaningful life.

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Q. Is playing minecraft haram?

A. Yes, playing minecraft is considered haram in Islam as it contains activities that are strictly prohibited in Islamic law, such as eating pork, animal taming, and violence.

Q. Is minecraft music haram?

A. Yes, music is haram in Islam, so minecraft music is also considered haram.

Q. Is it haram to build the kaaba in Minecraft?

A. Yes, it is haram to build the Kaaba or any other Islamic icon in Minecraft, as it involves disrespecting Islamic beliefs.


To conclude, playing Minecraft is haram in Islam because it includes strictly prohibited activities in Islamic law. But if you’re addicted to the game, you can follow my tips above to restrict yourself from playing Minecraft.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that any activity that takes you away from your religious obligations and brings no benefit to society is haram. So, instead of wasting time on haram activities, you should focus on your religious obligations and do something productive.

I hope this article will help you understand the Islamic perspective on your query is Minecraft haram. May Allah guide us all in the right direction and help us avoid haram activities. Ameen!

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