Is Flute Haram In Islam?

Flutes are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. With its soothing sound, people get attracted to its melodious music. It is mostly used in western classical and traditional Indian music genres. But what about Islam? Is playing flute haram (forbidden) in Islam?

The question arises because in Islam, music is considered haram. But when it comes to the flute, it is a difficult question to answer as there are various perspectives on the matter.

If you’re confused and searching is flute haram in Islam, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss in detail about flute and Islam and conclude with proof.

Is Flute Haram

Is Flute Haram?

Yes, playing or listening to a flute is haram in Islam. It is because Islamic law forbids all types of music and musical instruments, which includes the flute.

The only instrument allowed is the duff (drum), which is only necessary for marriage ceremonies, announcing something and other joyous occasions. Otherwise, even duff is not allowed for dancing or music.

You may think the flute or other musical instrument is best for calmness and expressing emotions and feelings. However, many researchers found music can make you forget things, distract you from work, and increase depression and anxiety.

So, playing or listening to the flute is haram because it can distract you from the remembrance of Allah. Though, Quran and Hadith strictly prohibit Music in Islam.

Also, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has clearly prohibited playing or listening to music. So, if the Prophet declares it haram, it must strictly be avoided.

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Proof From Hadith

According to hadith, the flute is considered the instrument of Shaytaan.

Once, on the Day of Eid al-Fitr or Adha, the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and Abu Bakr both heard the sound of the flute in the street. The two young girls sing poetry.

Abu Bakr said, “Flutes of the Shaytaan”.

Although they are not using flutes but sounding like them, however, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said to let them do Abu Bakr because it is a day of Eid.

This hadith clearly shows that even singing like the flute is considered haram in Islam. So, it is obvious that a flute is haram in Islam.


Q. Is playing flute haram?

Answer: Yes, playing or listening to a flute is haram in Islam, as it falls under the category of musical instruments.

Q. Is flute allowed in Islam?

Answer: No, the flute is not allowed in Islam because, considering several hadiths, it is classified as an instrument of Shaytaan.


To conclude, playing or listening to a flute is haram in Islam. Islamic law strictly prohibits all forms of music and musical instruments, including the flute.

I hope now you get answered to is flute haram in Islam questions.

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