Is It Haram To Celebrate Independence Day (National Day)

Independence Day marks the historical day of freedom from rulers, both foreign and domestic. For some, this day is a celebration of national pride and the achievements of our nation’s forefathers.

Islam promotes loving your country and respecting its laws and protocols. But when it comes to celebrating Independence Day, it can be a tricky subject. After all, much of what happens on Independence Day seems to go against the teachings of Islam.

So if you’re willing to know is it haram to celebrate Independence day, this post is for you. We’ll give a clear answer with an understanding of the Islamic perspective on it.

Is It Haram To Celebrate Independence Day

Is It Haram To Celebrate Independence Day?

In general, celebrating Independence Day is not considered haram or forbidden in Islam, but the things nowadays that are done to celebrate this day might be haram.

It all depends on how you celebrate it. If you celebrate Independence Day with items such as flags, remembering our fighters, or doing or seeing military parades, then it’s halal or permissible.

But if you participate in activities that involve music like the national anthem, fireworks, partaking in drinking, gambling, or any other activities forbidden by Islam; then it’s considered haram.

Also, the Prophet has made things haram, which is done every year, like celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries, for example. This is because these activities may lead to immorality and sin.

Similarly, the celebration of Independence Day can also lead to immorality and sin if it is not done in a religiously acceptable way.

As you’re a Muslim, you must follow Islamic rules and regulations first. No doubt our country and its independence are very important, and you should have pride in your country, but at the same time, it is not permissible to do anything against the Islamic teachings to celebrate it.

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How To Celebrate Independence Day As A Muslim

Here are some permissible ways to celebrate Independence Day as a Muslim:

  • Show gratitude and appreciation for the freedom the country and its people have achieved by praying and giving thanks to Allah.
  • Educate yourself and your family about the history of the country and its independence.
  • Share your knowledge and experiences of being independent with others.
  • Respect and honor the nation’s martyrs.
  • Help the poor and needy in your society. However, you should also remember the needs of those who are less fortunate and extend support to them.
  • Participate in flag hoisting ceremonies that don’t include haram activities.
  • If a parade is taking place, only participate if it doesn’t involve activities against Islamic teachings.
  • Express your gratitude for the struggles of our forefathers who made this freedom possible. However, it’s up to you, if you don’t want to participate in any of these activities, there is no pressure on you. You just have to be true to yourself and your faith.
  • Read and share inspiring stories of freedom fighters who sacrificed for the nation’s independence.

This is how a Muslim should celebrate Independence Day. If you’re not participating in any activities and someones say you’re not a patriot of your country, don’t worry. True patriotism is loving your nation and respecting its laws.


Is It Permissible In Islam To Celebrate Independence Day?

Yes, it is permissible as long as a person avoids activities against Islam’s teachings. This includes activities like listening anthem, including music.

Is celebrating independence day haram?

If you celebrate independence day with all the joy and enthusiasm, it is not necessarily haram. It depends on how you celebrate the day and what activities you choose to partake in. The key is to ensure that the celebration of this day does not involve any activities that may contradict Islamic principles and beliefs.

Is it haram to celebrate national day?

If you celebrate the national day with modesty and respect, it is not haram. However, if you participate in activities that are against Islamic beliefs and principles, such as dance and party, then it is indeed haram.

What does independence mean in Islam?

In Islam, independence means freedom from oppression and injustice. It is also about understanding the power of brotherhood and unity within the community. By celebrating independence day, we celebrate our freedom from the rule of any other country and our ability to be self-governed.

Moreover, it is a day that should be used to promote peace and unity among people of different backgrounds.

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Celebrating Independence Day is not considered haram or forbidden in Islam, but the activities you want to do during the celebration must be according to Islamic teachings.

You can celebrate your nation’s independence by respecting and honoring its martyrs, expressing gratitude for the freedom achieved, helping the poor and needy, participating in flag hoisting ceremonies, and reading inspiring stories of freedom fighters.

We hope this article has answered your queries is it haram to celebrate independence day. We wish you a happy and safe celebration of Independence Day!

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