Is Lofi Music Haram In Islam? (Yes/No)

Lofi music has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a style of music that focuses on creating relaxing, mellow sounds, often with dreamy or nostalgic vibes. But is it really suitable for a Muslim audience?

As we all know, music is haram in Islam, so being a Muslim, is it possible to still enjoy lofi music? As it has relaxing properties, does that make it ok to listen to in our religion?

In this article, we will answer is lofi music haram and explore why this genre of music has become so popular in recent times. So let’s clear the air and get to the bottom of this controversial issue.

Is Lofi Music Haram

Is Lofi Music Haram?

The short answer is yes, lofi music is haram. This is because it has the same properties as other forms of music, such as catchy tunes and beats. The only difference is that lofi music has a more mellow and dreamy sound.

It is not permissible for Muslims to listen to any type of music, regardless of its genre or intention. Islam does not permit music to be played in any way, including lofi music.

Music involves instrumental accompaniment and rhythmic movements that distract the mind from prayer and other religious activities. It also encourages people to engage in immoral acts like dancing and drinking. Additionally, it can lead to a loss of focus on Allah’s remembrance and spiritual growth.

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Why Is Lofi Music Haram?

Music is forbidden in Islam because it goes against the teachings of Islam and distracts people from their faith. Music has been known to stimulate physical and emotional responses in people, which can lead to immoral behavior.

Additionally, there is no benefit from listening to music as it does not bring any spiritual or religious benefit. Listening to music is seen as a waste of time and energy, as it does not help anyone on their journey toward Allah.

Lofi music is the same as other kinds of music and haram by Islamic rules. It involves instrumental accompaniment, rhythms, and other musical elements that create a relaxing soundscape, but this does not mean it is permissible.

Additionally, the lofi music is very additive, which can lead to people not doing their obligatory religious duties and instead getting distracted by the music. And in Islam, anything that distracts you from your religious duties is haram.

Instead of listing to lofi music for relaxation, you should focus on performing prayer, reciting the Quran, and doing acts of worship. This will bring peace to your heart and mind without breaking Islamic rules.

Tips To Avoid Listening To Lofi Music

If you’re addicted to lofi music, it’s important to take some steps to break the habit. Here are some tips that can help you do just that:

Delete all lofi music from your device. This includes any songs, playlists, or albums that have been downloaded and stored on the device.

Replace the void with spiritual activities such as reading the Quran, listening to lectures about Islam, or spending time in nature. This can help to reduce the urge to listen to lofi music.

Take on a new hobby or interest that doesn’t involve listening to lofi music. This could be something like gardening, sports, or even volunteer work.

Develop a routine for yourself and stick to it. This can help reduce your free time, which can lead to less temptation to listen to lofi music.

Stay away from any environment that plays lofi music. This includes stores, cafes, and other places where it might be playing in the background.

Make a dua and ask Allah to help you break this bad habit.

Following these tips can, InshAllah help you overcome your addiction to lofi music and move closer to Allah.

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Q. Is lofi haram?

A. Yes, lofi music is haram as it falls under all other forms of music and does not bring any spiritual benefit.

Q. Is listening to lofi haram?

A. Yes, listing or making lofi music is haram as it goes against the teachings of Islam and distracts people from their faith.

Q. Is lofi hip hop haram?

A. Yes, lofi hip hop is haram as it falls under all other forms of music and involves instruments and rhythms forbidden in Islam.

Q. Is lofi quran haram?

A. According to scholars, lofi Quran recitations are haram as it seems disrespectful to the Quran.


In conclusion, lofi music is haram according to the teachings of Islam, as it distracts people from their faith and does not bring any spiritual benefit.

It is important to take steps to avoid listening to lofi music and instead focus on performing prayer, reciting the Quran, and engaging in other spiritual activities.

I hope this article answered your query is lofi music haram with an understanding of why lofi music is haram and some tips to avoid it.

May Allah help us avoid things that go against His teachings. Ameen.

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