Is Playing Video Games Haram In Islam? (Yes/No)

Video games have become a part of our daily lives, so much so that it’s hard to imagine life without them. It’s not unusual to see children, teenagers, and even adults glued to their screens for hours playing video games.

But is it really okay in the eyes of Islam? Are video games haram? Is playing video games haram or halal according to Islamic teachings? If you’re wondering about all this, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about video games from an Islamic perspective and the answer is playing video games haram In Islam or not. So let’s clear up this confusion and discuss the issue in detail.

Is Playing Video Games Haram

Is Playing Video Games Haram In Islam?

The answer to this is not a simple yes or no. Playing video games can be considered haram or halal, depending on the type of game and how it is played.

In general, Islamic teachings do not allow video games involving violence, gambling, shirk, or other haram activities. So if you’re playing a game that goes against these teachings, then it would be considered haram and should not be done.

The best example of a haram game would be something like Grand Theft Auto (GTA), PUBG, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Genshin Impact. These games involve Gambling, shooting, killing, stealing, disrespecting Islamic teachings, Music, time waste, and other activities that go against Islamic teachings.

On the other hand, some games are acceptable in Islam and can be played without any worries. These include educational and puzzle games, car racing games, sports games like soccer and basketball, and other strategy based games that don’t involve any type of violence. These types of video games are considered halal and can be played without any guilt.

It’s important to note that in Islam, it’s not just about the game’s content, but also about how it is played. If a game is considered halal but very addictive and time consuming, then it’s still not allowed to be played. This is because you may start missing your prayers and other religious activities, which in turn is a sign of negligence towards your religious duties.

Lastly, Islam allows you to get fresh and enjoy yourself in a halal manner, which includes playing video games. It can be considered halal if you don’t disobey Islamic teachings and play the right kind of game.

Note: Any activity that is haram in Islam in real life is also haram in video games. This is because it can lead to the same sins in real life. And also, the mind starts to accept acts as normal and acceptable in society.

When Video Games Are Haram?

If you want to learn what makes a video game haram according to Islam, then here is the list of activities that makes a video game haram:

1. Gambling – If a game has an element of gambling, like betting money on the outcome of a game or using real money to purchase virtual items, then it’s considered haram. Gambling is always haram in Islam, and any game that involves it will also be considered haram.

2. Violence – Games that involve shooting, killing, or any type of violence are also considered haram. This is because it goes against Islamic teachings and encourages people to use violence for their own gain.

3. Disrespecting Islamic Teachings – Any game that promotes or encourages disrespecting Islamic teachings is also considered haram. This includes promoting ideas that go against the beliefs of Islam or making fun of religion in any way. Some games give point to destroy Kaaba, so these kinds of games are haram.

4. Music – Nowadays, most games contain music in the background or as part of the game. Music is not considered haram in Islam but playing games with music can cause a person to become too attached and addicted to it, which goes against Islamic teachings.

5. Waste of time – Playing video games for hours and hours can be considered a waste of time in Islam. This is because it takes away from performing religious duties or getting involved in productive activities that help you and others.

6. Shirk – Any game that involves worshiping another god or anything other than Allah is considered shirk and haram. This includes games that encourage worshipping dead people or idols.

7. Clothing – If a game involves inappropriate clothing or nudity, then it’s considered haram. Islam does not allow us to wear tight and revealing clothes that show off too much skin. Similarly, these same rules apply to games as well. No matter if the game is in animation or not, it should still adhere to Islamic teachings.

According to Islam, these are some of the activities that make a video game haram. It’s important to remember all these before playing any games and ensure you are only playing halal and permissible games.

When Video Games Are Halal?

As you’ve seen above, certain activities can make a video game haram. But there are also a lot of games that are considered halal and permissible in Islam.

1. Educational Games – These games are designed to teach you things like math or history. These are considered halal because they are educational and will help you to become a better Muslim by increasing your knowledge.

2. Fun Games – These games can be considered halal if they do not involve any of the abovementioned activities. Games that are purely for fun, such as puzzles and racing games, can be considered halal and permissible.

3. Islamic Games – There are also games available that are specifically designed for Muslim audiences and teach them about Islamic teachings and the Quran. These games are considered halal, as they can help teach the player about Islam in a fun way.

4. Sports Games – Sports games can also be considered halal if they do not involve gambling. These games are designed to simulate real sports activities in a fun way and are suitable for all ages.

These are just some examples of games that are considered halal in Islam. As long as the game does not contain any of the activities mentioned above in the haram part, it should be permissible for Muslims to play.

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Q. Are violent video games haram?

A. Yes, violent video games which involve shooting, killing, or any type of violence are considered haram in Islam.

Q. Is making video games haram?

A. It depends on the content of the video game. If the game involves haram activities or ideas, it should not be created or made. However, if the game does not involve any type of haram activities and is purely for entertainment or education, then it can be considered halal.

Q. Is buying video games haram?

A. If you buy a haram content video game, then it is not permissible. However, if you buy halal content, then it is acceptable.

Q. Which game is haram in Islam?

A. Any game which involves gambling, nudity, shirk (worshipping other than Allah), or violence is considered haram in Islam. For example, PUBG, GTA, and Call Of Duty are all haram games.

Q. Is it haram to play video games with a girl?

A. Yes, it is haram to play video games with a girl. Islam does not allow any type of contact between non-mahram and opposite genders. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for a man to play video games with a woman who is not his mahram.

Q. Is playing computer games haram?

A. It depends on the content of the games you are playing. If the game involves any type of haram activities or ideas, then it is not permissible. However, if the game does not involve any type of haram activities and is purely for entertainment or education, then you can play.

Q. Is gambling in a video game haram?

A. Yes, gambling in any form is haram in Islam. Therefore, if the video game involves gambling, then it should not be played.

Q Is playing video games during Ramadan haram?

A. If the video game content is haram and time-consuming, then it is not permissible to play during Ramadan or any other day. But if the game does not involve any haram activities and can be played for a short period for fresh, then it is allowed.


In conclusion, playing video games can be permissible in Islam if it does not involve haram activities. It is important to remember that games should not be played excessively and should only be used to refresh your mind in between tasks.

Islamic video games are also a great way to increase your knowledge about Islam in a fun way. So, play video games within the boundaries of Islamic teachings, and enjoy! 

This blog post was written to provide an overview of the Islamic perspective on playing video games and to answer some frequently asked questions. We hope it has been helpful and informative, along with the answer to your question is playing video games haram In Islam. Thank you for reading.

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