Is Pubg Haram In Islam? (Yes/No)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a popular online game that has gained massive popularity in recent years. The game was developed in 2017 and quickly rose to the top of the gaming world, becoming one of the most-played games ever.

It also has a strong following within the Muslim community. But is PUBG game haram in Islam? This is a common question among Muslim gamers.

If you’re also searching is Pubg haram in Islam, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss whether PUBG is haram in Islam or not with valid reasonings.

Is Pubg Haram

Is Pubg Haram In Islam

Yes, Pubg is haram in Islam. There are many reasons why playing PUBG games is considered haraam, such as violence, time wastage, Idol workshop, and music.

Almost all Islamic scholars, including Dr. Zakir Naik and Assimalhakeem, also consider Pubg as haram.

This is because PUBG contains an extreme level of violence and aggression. This is because the game involves shooting, killing, and wounding other players. In Islam, taking the life of another human being is strictly forbidden and considered a grave sin.

Also, playing PUBG for long hours can cause you to waste your precious time, which is not considered favorable in Islam. According to Islamic teachings, we should spend our time in beneficial activities.

Moreover, some of the characters and objects used in PUBG can be considered Idol worship by Islamic standards.

Lastly, the Pubg also includes music which is not allowed in Islam. The music used in Pubg can be considered a form of entertainment, and Islamic teachings forbid such pleasure.

Therefore, it is clear that playing PUBG is not permissible in Islam and should be avoided. You should also encourage other Muslims to stop playing PUBG and engage in more beneficial activities.

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Why Is PUBG Haram?

If you’re still wondering why PUBG is haram, then here are some valid reasons:

1. PUBG is violent and promotes aggression which is strictly forbidden in Islam. You might think it is just a virtual game, but have you ever considered how it affects your mind and brain?

It increases the adrenaline level, promotes aggression, and makes you start hating humanity. Indirectly, this could make you violent in real life; hence, it is haram in Islam.

2. PUBG is a huge time waster. It might seem fun and entertaining at first, but it can quickly take away hours of your life that you could have spent in more beneficial activities like reading and praying.

3. PUBG challenges Islamic teachings by including Idol worship and music. Idol worship is strictly prohibited in Islam, and so is playing music for pleasure and entertainment.

4. PUBG has no real-life benefit. It does not teach you anything constructive and also makes you inactive and lazy.

5. PUBG doesn’t take you near Allah and His teachings. Rather, it takes you away from Him, so Allah forbids us to do anything that takes us away from Him or His teachings.

Tips To Avoid Playing PUBG

As of now, you’ve understood why playing Pubg is haram in Islam. If you’re already addicted to PUBG and can’t stop playing, here are some tips that could help you avoid it.

1. Have a clear schedule for your day: Write down a schedule that includes all the important things you need to do in a day, like job or business work, praying, and reading Quran. Doing this will help you keep your mind on track and make it easier for you to avoid playing PUBG

2. Spend time with family and friends: Spending time with family and friends is a great way to get away from the virtual world. You can also join a hobby class or go to the park to spend time with your friends.

3. Find a hobby: Find something that interests you and keep yourself busy with it. This will distract you from playing Pubg and, in return, will help you stay away from it.

4. Be aware of yourself: Always be aware of yourself and your actions. If you ever find yourself playing PUBG, then stop immediately.

5. Find Halal forms of entertainment: There are many ways to entertain yourself. You can watch Islamic lectures, read books and magazines or listen to Islamic Naat. All of these activities are permissible in Islam and will also keep you away from playing Pubg.

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Q. Is pubg haram for Muslim?

A. Yes, playing Pubg is considered haram in Islam due to its violent and aggressive nature, Idol worship, time wastage, music, and other reasons.

Q. Is PUBG mobile haram in Islam?

A. Yes, playing PUBG mobile is considered haram in Islam for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Q. Is pubg lite haram?

A. Yes, Pubg lite is also haram because the concept and features of the game remain the same.

Q. Is free fire haram?

A. Yes, free fire is also considered haram in Islam due to its violent and aggressive nature, idol worship, time wastage, and music.


In conclusion, we can say that playing PUBG is not permissible in Islam and should be avoided by all Muslims. It is not only time wasting but also promotes violence and aggression.

We should always strive to stay near Allah and His teachings by engaging in halal activities and avoiding haram ones. We should also spend time with family and friends and participate in constructive activities like reading books and magazines and listening to Islamic Naats and lectures.

These things will keep us away from haram activities and help us gain knowledge and wisdom.

I hope this blog post has been beneficial for you in answering the query is Pubg haram or halal in Islam. If you have any further questions related to this topic, please feel free to comment below.

May Allah help us all to avoid sins and grant us forgiveness for our mistakes. Ameen!

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