Is Soccer Haram In Islam? (Football)

Soccer, or say football is one of the most popular sports in the world, played and enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. But for some Muslims, the question of whether soccer is haram or not remains a matter of debate.

Many misconceptions surround this issue, and it can be difficult for people to know the correct answer. This blog post will discuss the different opinions and facts surrounding this controversial topic so that you can choose. Also, we will put our points of view.

So whether you search for is soccer haram or is football haram, this blog post is here to give you an insight into the subject.

Is Soccer Haram

Is Soccer Haram?

No, playing soccer is not haram. Soccer or football is a physical activity, and physical activities are not considered haram unless they involve some haram activity.

If you play it with limitations like wearing full clothes, no inappropriate physical contact with any other players, not playing on Namaz time, and not wasting your time with it, then it is allowed in Islam.

However, if your game of soccer or football leads to gambling, betting, or other activities that are considered haram in Islam, then it is strictly haram in Islam.

In short, football or soccer is not haram, but how you play can make it haram. So be careful and play it with restrictions.

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Tips To Play Soccer According To Islam

If you want to play football or say soccer according to Islam, then here are some tips for you:

1. Wear Modest Clothing: Make sure you wear loose clothing, such as long pants and a shirt, when playing soccer. Maintaining modesty and avoiding inappropriate physical contact with other players is important.

If you play for any professional team, then also make sure there is no haram product selling company ads on your uniform.

2. Avoid Gambling and Betting: Soccer is an extremely popular sport, and with that comes betting and gambling, which are strictly haram in Islam. So make sure you do not participate in any gambling or betting activities.

3. Refrain From Bad Language: Practicing good sportsmanship when playing soccer is important. This means refraining from bad language and disrespectful behavior toward other players.

4. Respect Other Players: It is important to respect other players, regardless of their gender or nationality. This means addressing them politely and courteously and avoiding physical contact with them.

5. Avoid Playing during Namaz Time: It is haram to play soccer or football if it means missing the five daily prayers. So make sure you always give precedence to your religious obligations over the sport.

These are a few tips and advice that you should follow if you want to play soccer or say football according to Islamic teachings.

Scholars View on Playing Soccer

According to most Islamic scholars, playing soccer is allowed as long as you stick to the restrictions and avoid any activities that can make it haram.

Further, some scholars, including Dr. Zakir Naik, said playing football as a profession is haram because it leads to many haram activities.

The majority of scholars agree that playing soccer is a recreational activity and is allowed, but there are some exceptions that we have mentioned above.

Is Fantasy Football Haram?

Yes, Fantasy Football is haram because it involves betting, which is strictly prohibited in Islam.

Therefore, if you participate in any fantasy football or other sports betting activities, then it is haram, and you should immediately stop participating.

Is Watching Soccer Haram?

It depends on the context, if you are watching a professional game that involves betting and gambling, then yes, it is haram.

On the other hand, if you are just watching a friendly soccer game, then it is allowed in Islam. But again, make sure there are no haram advertisements or any other activities that make it haram.

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Q. Is betting on soccer haram?

A. Yes, betting on soccer is haram in Islam because it involves gambling which is strictly prohibited in Islam. So, ensure you do not participate in any type of sports betting activity.

Q. Is football haram in islam?

A. Football is not haram in Islam as long as you don’t break any Islamic rules while playing or watching it.

Q. Is it haram for a girl to play football?

A. No, it is not haram for a girl to play football as long as she adheres to the Islamic dress codes (wearing Hijab) and avoids any inappropriate physical contact with other players. However, if she plays outside of her profession, then the chances of haram increase.

Q. Is American football haram?

A. American football is haram because it involves excessive physical contact and violence, which are strictly forbidden in Islam. Also, the game is usually played in stadiums which involves haram activities like gambling and betting. So, it is better to avoid taking part in any such game.

Q. Is FiFa haram?

A. No, fifa is not haram as long as your side involves no gambling or betting activities. Also note that playing in Fifa is haram because the chances of being involved in haram activities are more, and missing your prayers or any religious obligations is high. So, make sure that you do not ignore your religious duties for the sake of playing or watching sports.


In conclusion, playing soccer or football is halal in Islam as long as you do not break any Islamic rules such as gambling, betting, wearing the wrong clothes, or missing your prayers.

However, if you play soccer for the profession, it is haram because the chances of involving haram activities are higher.

So, it is better to participate in any kind of sports or recreational activities, keeping Islamic teachings in mind.

Finally, always ensure you give precedence to your religious obligations over sports. I hope we answered your query Is soccer haram in detail. May Allah help us all in following the right path. Ameen.

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