Is Fantasy Football Haram (Yes/No)

Fantasy football is a popular game in many countries. Not only Football but there are also many other fantasy sports games, such as fantasy cricket and basketball. It is largely seen as a game of skill, luck, and strategy with the potential to win money if someone’s team performs well.

With this in mind, Muslims worldwide have debated whether fantasy football and other fantasy sports are considered haram or forbidden in Islam. If you’re confused about the answer to this question, you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we will answer is fantasy football haram in Islam with a detailed look at the arguments against and in favor of playing fantasy football.

Is Fantasy Football Haram

Is Fantasy Football Haram?

Fantasy football is completely haram in Islam, according to Islamic scholars and teachings. This is because it involves betting, which is explicitly forbidden in the Quran three times.

Betting can be defined as risking money or something of value on an outcome that may or may not occur. In fantasy football, you pay an entry fee and compete against other players who have also entered the game.

The winner is determined by the players’ performance on their fantasy teams. The winner collects a prize from the entry fees, which is considered to be gambling and is, therefore,, haram in Islam.

The majority of Islamic scholars agree that participating in fantasy football is a form of gambling, and thus haram according to Islamic teachings.

At the same time, some Muslims have argued that fantasy sports can be a form of entertainment and skill-building activity as long as it does not involve betting. However, this is still haram, according to the majority of Islamic scholars.

This is because even if fantasy sports do not involve betting, one still risks their money in the game. Therefore, it is not permissible according to traditional Islamic teachings.

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Why Is Fantasy Football Haram

Fantasy football is haram primarily because it involves betting. Betting has been explicitly forbidden in the Quran and other Islamic teachings.

In the Quran, gambling is mentioned 3 times and forbidden in all cases. You can imagine how harshly fantasy football is seen in the eyes of Islam as it involves gambling. It is seen as a form of deception, which is an act that goes against the teachings of Islam.

Also, if we look at this from a moral perspective, it does not promote virtues such as patience and self-control.

Betting involves taking risks with money that you may never get back. This is contrary to the teachings of Islam, which emphasize saving money and using it for good causes such as charity rather than risking it on something that may or may not happen.

Furthermore, the Quran warns against playing any games of chance (such as fantasy football) because they lead to enmity and hatred between people.

Furthermore, Fantasy football or other fantasy sports can be very addictive and lead people to spend too much time and money on it. This could potentially lead to financial ruin or other negative consequences that Islamic teachings warn against.

Tips To Stop Playing Fantasy Football

If you are a Muslim and find yourself addicted to fantasy football or other fantasy games, some tips may help you stop.

First, be aware of the fact that playing fantasy football is not permissible according to Islamic teachings. Remind yourself of this and avoid putting yourself in situations where you are tempted to play.

Second, ensure you have other activities and hobbies to fill your time with instead of relying on fantasy football. Create a plan for yourself and stick to it, such as exercising or learning a new skill.

Third, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t resist the temptation, seek support. Talk to an imam or other Islamic scholar who can guide and help you stay away from fantasy football. You can also talk to your family or friends who are aware of your situation and can help you avoid fantasy football.

Fourth, invest your time in learning about Islam, reading Quran with meaning, or about your profession.

Finally, practice patience and self-control, two of Islamic teachings’ most important virtues. With these tips in mind and praying to Allah for help, you can avoid fantasy football and find other more beneficial and permissible activities.

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Q. Is fantasy football halal?

A. No, it is not permissible according to Islamic teachings. Fantasy football involves betting and gambling, which are both explicitly forbidden in the Quran, so it is not halal.

Q. Is it haram to play fantasy football?

A. Yes, it is haram to play fantasy football as it involves betting and gambling. It also goes against other Islamic teachings such as patience, self-control, and time waist.

Q. Does fantasy football count as gambling?

A. According to the Supreme Court, it is not illegal, but in Islamic teachings, it is included as gambling which is forbidden.


In conclusion, fantasy football is haram according to Islamic teachings, as it involves betting and gambling. Betting has been explicitly forbidden in the Quran and other Islamic teachings.

Not only is haram because of gambling, but it can also lead to other negative consequences such as addiction, time waste, and financial ruin.

Therefore, Muslims should avoid playing fantasy football and invest their money and time in permissible activities according to Islamic teachings.

Muslims need to remember that Allah knows what is best for us, so stop following short-term pleasures and focus on activities that will benefit us in the long run.

Praying to Allah for guidance can be very helpful in making the right decisions when it comes to activities like fantasy football.

I hope your query is fantasy football haram has been answered. May Allah guide us all. Amen.

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