Are Nasheeds Haram In Islam? (Yes/No)

We all know music is haram in Islam, but what about nasheeds? Are nasheeds haram too?

Nasheeds are a type of Islamic music that typically includes recitations of the Quran, prayers, supplications, and other religious verses used in a spiritual way.

Nowadays, nasheeds are also used as songs that inspire and carry spiritual messages, often accompanied by musical instruments. So the question remains is nasheeds haram?

If you’re also searching are nasheeds haram, this blog post will provide you with an in-depth answer. Keep reading to learn all about nasheeds and clear your doubts.

Are Nasheeds Haram

Are Nasheeds Haram?

It is absolutely halal if you listen to nasheeds that only have religious verses and prayers without musical instruments.

This type of nasheed comes under poetry and is encouraged instead of music, as it is considered to be more spiritual and meaningful.

Also, the Hadhrat Hassaan ibn Saabit (Radhiallaahu Anhu) was a well-known poet of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

With this, we can say that nasheeds with no music are definitely halal.

However, many nasheeds made are haram nowadays due to the instruments and background music. This kind of nasheed should not be listened to, as it is considered haram. Also, many other nasheeds, as listed below, should also be avoided.

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What Nasheeds Are Haram?

Many nasheeds are also made with time, which contain certain inappropriate and undesired elements. These should be avoided as they can lead to fitnah.

Below are some examples of what types of nasheeds should be avoided and are haram:

1. Nasheeds with musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, etc. However, note that if the nasheeds include only duff beats, then it is still considered halal. For more on this you can read are drums haram.

2. Nasheeds with inappropriate lyrics or content about love and romance, which can lead to fitnah.

3. Nasheeds which contain songs, chants, and slogans for fame or popularity.

4. Nasheeds that show disrespect to any religion, Prophet, or Allah.

5. Make sure the nasheeds you listen to are not sung by women, as it can also be considered haram. Islam doesn’t allow women to sing for non-mahram.

6. Even if the nasheed is halal, you should not keep listening to it as this may lead to a waste of time or listening to it in excess. Islam teaches us to stay away from the excess of everything.

These are some of the examples which make a nasheed haram. So be aware and take care before listening to any nasheeds.

What Is Nasheed In Islam?

Nasheed in Islam is typically known as Islamic songs without musical instruments (except duff), which contain spiritual lyrics and poems praising Allah, Prophet Muhammad´Ě║ or promote Islamic teachings.

It is used as a way to spread the message of Islam and inspire people to do good deeds and have faith in Allah.

Nasheeds are also used in many countries for cultural and religious celebrations.

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Q. Are nasheeds halal?

A. Generally, nasheeds with religious verses and no musical instruments are halal. However, nasheeds with inappropriate lyrics or content about love and romance, with musical instruments or by women, are haram.

Q. Are nasheeds haram in Ramadan?

A. If you listen to halal content nasheeds in the limit, then it is halal in Ramadan. However, if you are listening to nasheeds which contain songs, musical instruments in the background, and slogans for fame or popularity, then it is haram in Ramadan.

Q. Are nasheeds with instruments haram?

A. Yes, Nasheeds with musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, etc., are haram. However, if it includes only the duff beats, then it is still considered halal.

Q. Is listening to nasheed sunnah?

A. Listening to halal nasheeds with religious verses and no musical instruments is sunnah as it is more spiritual and meaningful, and also, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) listened to such nasheeds.


Nasheeds are a great way to gain spiritual inspiration, but it is important to remember that some forms of nasheeds are haram.

Make sure you are aware of the types of nasheeds that are allowed and those that should be avoided. If you keep this in mind, then you can easily enjoy and benefit from listening to nasheeds.

We hope this blog post has provided you with some insight into the topic of Are Nasheeds Haram and that you can now make an informed decision before listening to any Nasheed.

May Allah (SWT) guide us all. Ameen!

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